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Salt-Sand Storage

Detroit Salt - Salt and sand storage buildings can be built from 18' to 160' wide, and on many different types of foundations. The high clearance give you room for any size loader and trucks you might have.

Salt & Sand Storage Facilities, The Tool of Choice for Road Safety

Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialist has supplied salt buildings all across the state; with their corrosion resistant steel trusses and rust resistant covers. With our exceptional engineered design choices, expert project management and installation we will provide you with the perfect fabric covered building options.

People may call them tents, domes, hoop barns, shelters or storage sheds, but it’s really a tenision membrane fabric structure. They meet all your needs for a salt and sand facility.
Salt and sand fabric storage building will enable your road crews to rapidly deploy when road condition turn bad due to snow and ice conditions in Michigan.

Dramatically reduce response time, improve safety and lower cost of public works projects, by making one of Clear Heights Construction LLC highly corrosive resistant tenision fabric structures one of your tools of choice for road safety.

Fabric structured storage protect your salt from rain and snow to prevent run off into groundwater, wetlands, lakes and streams, reducing your liability. Also helps eliminate crusting and lumps in your salt
The versatility of an Clear Heights Construction LLC Steel truss fabric covered structure will allow you greater stockpiling capabilities of salt when the prices are lower or storage of equipment in the off-season.

Clear-span Steel Truss Fabric Covered buildings from Clear Heights Construction LLC are available from 18’ to 160’ wide and any length, for wall or ground mount applications, with various foundation options to meet your site needs. The unique clear-span interior design ensures maximum unobstructed useable space for storing salt, sand and equipment plus increased equipment maneuverability with easy enter and exit of the facility even during times of low visibility.

The natural light inside a fabric covered building provides an excellent work environment and a bright interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The quality components of an Clear Heights Construction LLC building reduces maintenance cost. Advanced coating and finishing processes ensure all exposed steel is corrosion resistant. Fabric covered roofs will not rust or rot.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists, building will help you gain efficiency and reduce labor, maintenance, and utility cost on your public works or business project.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists

  • Lower operating cost
  • Long service life
  • Quick installation
  • Custom design to your needs 18’ to 160’ wide and any length
  • Equipment maneuverability
  • Clear-span design
  • Corrosion resistant steel
  • Multiple foundation options
  • Natural lighting
  • Corrosion resistant cover


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