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Indoor Sports, recreational and athletic

All work and no play, bring it inside, don't let the weather change your plans, enjoy your free time out off the elements.

Indoor Sports, Recreational and Athletic

It’s always great to be outside but sometimes you need to bring it inside for many different reasons. Why not bring it into a, Indoor Sports Arena, Fabric Covered Buildings from Clear Heights Construction LLC offer a superior building for indoor athletic sports activities. Gain that competitive edge over your competition by training and practicing year round in an indoor sport, recreational or athletic complex built by Clear Heights Construction LLC

When it comes to athletics, our sports arena fabric buildings provide an atmosphere where training becomes easy and fun. Both individual and team sports athletes experience benefits from spacious indoor, year around practice and training.

Why not brighten it up a little with a Fabric Covered Structure, with its translucent fabric roof, allow abundant natural light inside for safety and lower operating cost. Customized to the width and height that gives you a spacious, unobstructed open floor space.

With a wide selection of option available for fabric buildings you can make it an attraction for everyone. Make it an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric structures with rigid steel framework provide a cost effective alternative to traditional wood, conventional, or steel structures that is easily accepted by local permitting agencies.

You can bring the outside beauty in and keep the outside elements outside were they belong. With multiple door designs, window, soft liners, ventilation and lighting options you can make it work for any occasion.

There’s nothing like the excitement that happens when your clients walk into a sports arena or recreation facility built with fabric and design by Clear Heights Construction LLC

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are rated for wind gust and snow load at your location, to meet your local building codes. With the fabric’s strength and durability being a heavy weight fabric with coatings used for applications requiring flame retardant material with ultraviolet stability. No toxic chemicals are used in production and the fabric is 100% recyclable.

 Avoid sporting event cancellations and protect spectators and performers with a safe, natural environment, for enjoyable event experiences regardless of the weather.

 Also enjoy the crisp clear acoustic sound in a fabric covered building and wide variety of attractive colors with a bright underside that enhances the interior brightness.

Let Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists design, engineer and install an indoor sports arena or recreational complex for your needs. Whether it is for tennis, field hockey, soccer, paintball, track, exercise gym, basketball or motor cross to just name a few things they would create a greater sporting experience for you and your clients.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists

  • Built for Strength and Durability
  • Corrosion resistant steel framing
  • Virtually maintenance free cover
  • Atmosphere provided by the natural light
  • Exceptional ventilation options
  • Wide selection of accessories options
  • Endless options of doors and windows
  • Excellent sound dampening properties
  • Quality built for high performance to ensure structural integrity
  • Customization to your building needs
  • Lighting, sound and linear options
  • Buildings are quick to install
  • Offer multiple foundation and installation options
  • Backed by Clear Heights Construction LLC service

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