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Manure Storage

Clear Heights Construction LLC your partner in Waste Management. Providing Sound Waste Management Solutions. Take control of your back to the farm fertilizer needs. Fertilizer application can be done at your convenience.

As a livestock and poultry producer you are challenged with the responsibility of maintaining an environmentally friendly business around your neighbors. Growing concerns with the quality of air, water and soil is directly related to you and your operation.

Proper management of livestock manure and runoff become a priority. The (USDA), (EQUIP) and the (NRCS) have approved programs available to financially assist producers that meet certain requirements. Clear Heights Construction LLC will work directly with you to create an environmentally sound waste management plan, specifically tailored to your operation and complying with applicable government regulations.

As a livestock producer you know first-hand how corrosive manure storage environments are. Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric covers will not rot or rust like conventional building materials could in this environment. The exclusive high –density polyethylene cover, are stronger than other polyethylene covers available and is warranted for 16 years. The truss-arch framework is engineered from certified structural-grade steel tubing. A coated corrosion barrier on our steel tubing assures a service life up to three times longer than conventional galvanized steel and is stronger than competitive tubing.

 Fabric storage buildings from, Clear Heights Construction LLC, offer a superior building for manure and compost storage needs. We offer exceptional design choices in our multi purpose, fast, durable and cost effective fabric structures. Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are not tents covered with canvas, tarps or vinyl. Great strength comes from our buildings quality advantages and their engineered, structural design; which includes heavier gauge steel, heavier fabric cover material, stronger better-designed bracing and support system with our superior fastening system. With a corrosion resistant steel truss system and rust resistant roof they are perfect for manure handling. Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are being utilized in the areas of managing solid waste, bio solids, odor control and storage; to protect against run off into wetlands, rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Avoid the extremes of the sun, wind and rain that can adversely affect the balance of compost piles. Why not brighten it up a little with a Fabric Covered Structure, with its translucent fabric roof, allow abundant natural light. Customized to the width and height that gives you a spacious, unobstructed open floor space and ceiling height. With a wide selection of option available for fabric buildings they can be customized to your any need. Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialists can build a structure with rigid steel framework provide a cost effective alternative to traditional wood, conventional, or steel structures that are easily accepted by local permitting agencies. These building are rated for winds and snow load at your location, to meet your local building codes.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists

  • Built for Strength and Durability
  • Corrosion resistant steel framing
  • Virtually maintenance free cover
  • Atmosphere provided by the natural light
  • Exceptional ventilation options
  • Excellent sound dampening properties
  • Quality built for high performance to ensure structural integrity
  • Customization to your building needs
  •  Multiple door options
  • Buildings are quick to install
  • Offer multiple foundation and installation options
  • 18ft to 160ft wide and any length
  • Backed by Clear Heights Construction LLC service
  • Approved by USDA, NRCS and EQUIP programs financing   

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