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Hay Storage

Why store your hay inside a fabric covered building?

In today's hay market you cannot afford to lose 30% of your hay to spoilage, also no plastic bagging, netting, or tarps to deal with.

After a long day of baling hay or straw, the last thing you want to think about is spoilage. Put your mind at ease and let Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist do the rest. Using a Fabric covered building is a smart investment because it protects your hay or straw bales from spoilage while maintaining feed value. Customers around the country trust Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings to provide them with the protection, service, and customization they require- you can too.

The clear-span and open arched truss design and versatility of an Clear Heights Construction LLC building are highly rated features that customers value the most. As the leading Supplier of steel framed, membrane buildings, you can rely on Clear Heights Construction LLC to provide you with a fabric building that is durable, has long-lasting performance and above all, provides maximum protection for your hay or straw.

Depend on Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist to provide you with the most innovated building designs, created with your needs in mind.  

  • Protection from the Elements

Decrease the cost of hay spoilage due to weather damage with a fabric building from Clear Heights Construction LLC by protecting your hay, you maintain the value of your hay, and you will recover your building investment quickly.

Studies have shown that unprotected round hay bales will lose the outer 6” to spoilage, which is 30% of the bale’s feed value.

          Just think one 6’ round bale at $100.00 you are losing $30.00
          One hundred bales at $100.00 you are losing $3,000.00
          One thousand bales at $100.00 you are losing $ 30,000.00

Try your numbers and see what it’s costing you every year.

  • Durability

Buildings are built for strength and durability using high quality steel building components and can be engineered to withstand gale force winds  

  • Clear-span Interior

The open concept design allows for exceptional center height, width and sidewall clearance for easy access. Having no center post or columns, along with no low hanging rafter to break.

  • Non-Conductive Cover

The non-conductive properties keep it cooler in the summer and help minimize mold growth and limits moisture migration.

  • Versatility

Building sizes from 30’ to 160’ in width and length has no limit they can be added onto at any time to meet your changing needs or relocated.

  • Quick Installation

Clear Heights Construction LLC is able to design and install your hay storage building for you or you can put it up yourself.

Click here to read an article from Michigan State University Extension.

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