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Grain Storage

Grain Storage - Michigan's largest floor grain storage in a fabric building. Custom designed concrete walls and grain auger, with just under 1 million - bushel capacity.

You wake up every morning, rising even before the sun, and survey your fields.
Your hard work, dedication, passion and love for farming are as ingrained into your land as your crops. You diligently check the weather channels, hoping for clear skies one day and rain another day, hoping that the weather will cooperate with you this year.

Protecting your harvest crops from unfavorable weather conditions is crucial in order to maintain high quality crop, whether you have a pulse grain, oilseed, feed, and seed, vegetables or cereal crop. So why not take the uncertainty out of farming and store your commodities in a fabric building, from Clear Heights Construction LLC

A Fabric Structured Building from Clear Heights Construction LLC can help you preserve the quality of your crop, by preventing degradation from sun, wind, snow and rain. We understand that the livelihood of you and your family or business or corporation depends upon the quality of your crops, which is why Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists, constructs buildings you can depend upon to maintain the top value of your crop. 

Farmers all across Michigan trust, Steel Framed Fabric Membrane Structured for their durability, performance and services provided by Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist, and you can to.

Protection from the Elements

Those foreboding black clouds are less daunting when your crop is stored safely under an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building. Our unique fabric covers have tremendous rip, tear and puncture resistance, along with it’s translucent brightness, so crops will stay dry and in one place, maintaining its value and quality.

Non-Conductive Cover

When exposed to sun, the walls in a steel bin conduct heat, which can cause the grain touching the outside perimeter of the bin to dry out. The result of this is a downgrade in the value of your grain. Fabric buildings have a unique cover that has thermally non-conductive properties, which keep the building cool in the summer months, and protecting your crop from mold growth and moisture build up.

Clear-Span Interior

Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric buildings are available in variety of clear-span sizes ranging from 18’ to 160’ wide and any length you might need to meet your storage needs. With this wide range of sizes it allows for easier and more efficient handling of your commodities, with the absence of interior columns or post that can interfere with equipment maneuverability.


Unlike other crop storage systems, Fabric buildings can be used for multiple applications such as for equipment storage in the off-season or a repair and maintenance shop. Fabric buildings can be adapted to a wide selection of different foundation types, along with auger and elevators, and ventilation. Fabric buildings are flexible to your changing needs whether you need to relocate or extend your building.

Low Maintenance and Operating Cost

Clear Heights Construction LLC Fabric buildings are built with the highest quality steel and fabric available today, which means long term durability for you and less time spent on maintenance and lower operating cost. Eliminate that rotting post, rusting metal panels and leaking shingle once and for all. Along with abundant natural light and air volume for drying.

Quality Service

Customers have relied on Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialist for professional services, and we provide you with expert advice from purchase to project completion. 

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