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Freestall Barn

“Have you Herd”??? Contented Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building cows give more milk!

You spend a good portion of your day with your dairy herd; monitoring their milk production and their stress levels, and making sure they have enough feed. Providing your dairy herd with a comfortable environment to eat, drink, rest and exercise in is important to maintain or to increase milk production. Clear Heights Construction LLC builds dairy Freestall barns that enhance growth and productivity by providing a naturally bright interior with superior ventilation, significantly reducing animal stress. Greater cow comfort in the natural environment of an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building leads to healthier cows with increased milk production, which means higher profits for you.

With hundreds of satisfied customers around the state, having chosen Clear Heights Construction LLC’s fabric buildings as their dairy solution. Step inside a fabric building and discover the brightness and fresh air experience that makes it the top choice among dairy producers.

More light, more comfort, more air, more (milk) profit-that’s the Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist fabric building adventage, along with high quality building components with superior design.

Natural light

The translucent fabric cover allows an abundance of natural light into the building to ensure a naturally brighter dairy facility. Research has shown that increase lighting leads to increases milk production. Better lighting also helps prevent injuries and contributes to earlier detection of injuries, health problems and estrus, provides a safer work environment, and lower energy cost.

Excellent Ventilation and Air Quality

Clear Heights Construction LLC dairy barns are built with the understanding that ventilation is the most important element in a freestall barn design. The high ceiling, rafter-free and clear-span upper area of an Clear Heights Construction LLC dairy barn creates natural ventilation through unobstructed airflow. With optimum ventilation, dairy producers can reduce stress, reduce odors, lower temperature, reduce humidity, and eliminate air contaminates. Achieve superior air quality, comfort and ventilation with the options of ridge vent, vents, eaves and side curtains.

Protection from the Elements

Keeping your dairy cattle safe from blowing winds or extreme heat is important to their overall health and productivity. Clear Heights Construction LLC freestall barns shelter your cattle, their feed and bedding area from heat, precipitation and winter storms. Clear Heights Construction LLC  Fabric covers reduce temperature fluctuations, so your building has a dry, cool, shady atmosphere in the summer and a warm moisture-controlled environment in the winter.

Clear-Span Interior

The clear-span interior design of an Clear Heights Construction LLC building’s give you the flexibility to design your dairy barn around your stall size, feed alley and scraping requirements. Available in a variety of sizes up to 160’ wide and any length, fabric building can accommodate a multitude of dairy layouts for maximum useable space and herd comfort.

Lower operating Costs

Clear Heights Construction LLC hot dipped galvanizing pipe after fabrication completely coats the inside and outside of the truss after welding, providing for the longest life, and out weighted the benefits of alternative finishing. Clear Heights Construction LLC high performance fabric covers have tremendous rip, tear and puncture resistance with long lasting strength and durability. The covers do not trap dust or dirt and they do not require painting, replacing leaking metal panel or shingle to maintain their clean appearance. With a fabric building from Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist, ongoing cost such as daytime lighting and building maintenance are greatly reduced or non-existent.

Quality And Service

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist will engineer and design a building solution that meets your needs and to your satisfaction. Built with highest quality steel and fabric available today, incorporating the latest technology, with strength and durability. Well providing you with professional services and expert advise from purchase to completion of your project.

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