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DeHaan - Derosa's Arena Cathedral - Riding Arena solutions that far surpass the traditional mindset. Enjoy the natural lighting, atmosphere and comfort year round.

Riding Arena Indoor Training Facility

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists has fabric-covered structures that can be design and engineered for all the equine needs. From the Gentle Giants team hitches to Prancing Ponies or riding styles for Western, Dressage, English, Show Jumping, Rodeo or a Therapeutic Activities Facility, Clear Heights Construction LLC can accommodate them all. Building it on your ranch, farm or your little piece of heaven, for public or private use, we have a design that will fit your needs.

An Clear Heights Construction LLC indoor arena being used for boarding or your own pleasures riding will add great enjoyment for every one. Knowing that training for the next competition is hard work and can be very time-consuming. Why not enjoy those long hours with your horse in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere? With a Facility from Clear Heights Construction LLC, where riding and training is not confined to certain months or seasons of the year. Fabric covered structures by Clear Heights Construction LLC, brings the outdoors in, so that you can ride and train 365 days a year, in all weather conditions.

We help you minimize the risks that you can control with our durable and long lasting fabric covers and ventilation systems. Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings translucent cover reduces temperature fluctuation and keeps it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

 Clear Heights Construction LLC covers are not canvas, vinyl or tarp material, but have a durable unique composition of heavyweight fabric woven together that gives it unmatched strength and tremendous rip, tear and puncture resistance. Meaning lower maintenance cost, operating cost and greater peace of mind for you. The covers are available in a variety of attractive colors and are resistant to ultraviolet damage. No toxic chemicals are used in the production of the fabric, as well as the material being 100% recyclable.

Natural Environment

The vast amount of natural light creates a comfortable sunny-day feeling, eliminating shadows and reducing energy demands, plus making it a safer environment for horse and rider.

Clear Span Riding Space

Clear Heights Construction LLC Steel Truss Fabric Covered building are available in clear span width up to 160’ and any length, allowing horse and rider to work to maximum potential.

Peaceful Atmosphere

The sound dampening qualities of a fabric covered building provides an enhanced level of quietness for giving instructions and focus on riding, free from distractions.        

Year-Round Riding and Training

An Clear Heights Construction LLC covered indoor arena provides the feeling of the outdoors within the safety, comfort, and convenience of the indoors for year-round riding enjoyment. The covered riding surface also makes it easier to maintain safer, more consistent footing.


With the ultimate in design flexibility, an Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialist’s building can be used for multiple building applications. From riding and stabling to hay and equipment storage or even having a party in your building from     Clear Heights Construction LLC.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialists

  • Built for Strength and Durability
  • Corrosion resistant steel framing
  • Virtually maintenance free cover
  • Atmosphere provided by the natural light
  • Large selection of Accessories options
  • Exceptional ventilation options
  • Exceptional door and window options
  • Excellent sound dampening properties
  • Quality built for high performance to ensure structural integrity
  • Customization to your building needs
  • Buildings are quick to install
  • Offer multiple foundation and installation options
  • Up to 160 ft. wide and any length
  • Backed by Clear Heights Construction LLC service



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