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Simply put an Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist, building out performs a steel building on all levels of customer satisfaction.

But, how can a building perform? After all, it doesn’t do anything, it just sits there. Yes, an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building just sits there… blocking the heat, transmitting the light, and providing a superior interior environment and a smarter business investment.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are quieter.

The fabric roof dampens sound waves instead of reflecting and creating echo effects. The result is a “hushed” atmosphere, which is superior for conversations and allows for crisp and clear sound travel.

Steel Building would require installation of sound attenuating insulation, which would, add to the initial construction cost of your structure.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings have more air volume.

In fabric buildings, the high ceiling with large volumes of air, allows the warm air to rise to the peak, keeping the floor surface cooler.

Steel buildings, with their low roof slopes, have a comparably smaller volume of air in the building. As a result, as the air warms and rises, it is trapped, making it hot and stuff inside the steel building.

A steel building would need to be constructed twice as tall, to enclose the same volume of air, adding to the cost of construction.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are resistant to leaks.

The covers on our buildings are neither water nor air permeable. There are no penetrations through the cover, to allow leaks or drips. On our “Round Arch” style building series, the main cover is one piece, and the innovative tie down system is mounted on the inside of the building. On the “A-Framed” style building series, all panel seams are double overlapped and sealed. These features will help lower your maintenance cost.

Steel buildings use thousands of fasteners on their roofs, which are subject to failure over time. This means thousand of penetrations and seams, which may provide a channel for water to enter and air to escape.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are cooler.

The non-conductive properties of the fabric roof provide a barrier between the heat of the sun’s rays outside the building and the air inside the building. The exterior heat is not radiated through the cover to the interior, like a metal building. The bright, white underside of the fabric roof remains cool to the touch and the UV inhibitors reflect the damaging rays of the sun, extending the life of the building cover. This unique feature general will keep your building about 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter.

Tests by the SRC* have evaluated our fabric buildings as “500% more airtight” than conventional structures. This dramatically reduces the amount of cool air lost, resulting in a cooler, and more comfortable environment.

To keep the interior walls and ceiling cooler in a metal building you would need to add substantial insulation to negate the heat gain of metal surface, adding extra cost and construction time.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are brighter.

Not only do fabric covers help retain cool air inside the building, they are translucent and allow a tremendous amount of natural light in, helping lower your operating cost. This provides a very pleasant and evenly lit, shadow-free area that is unlike a steel building, which needs artificial lighting, resulting in many shadows and dark corners.

Even on cloudy days, an Clear Heights Construction LLC building does not require daytime artificial lighting.

Steel Buildings would need thousands of watts in lighting during the daytime to compare to the brightness of a fabric building, still leaving dark corners and shadows, plus adding to your operating cost.

(Note; see, Clear Heights Construction LLC Light Cost Saving Analysis at FAQ)

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are more corrosion resistant.

The covers do not contain any metallic components, like metal roofing and siding; therefore, it will not rust from exposure to water and air. In corrosive settings, such as Fertilizer Plants, Chemical Manufacturing, Food Processing or Warehousing of any material, this translates to a longer life span.

Hot Dip Galvanizing pipe after fabrication, completely coats the inside and outside of the truss after welding. There is no burning off of the galvanizing, as is the case with welding pre-galvanized steel into trusses.

Hot Dipped galvanizing provides lifelong corrosion protection for steel. The reaction of molten zinc with steel during the hot dip galvanizing process results in a coating that is metallurgical bonded to steel. Zinc grows onto the steel surface, to create zinc-iron alloy layer that are harder than the underlying steel.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings are more attractive.

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings have attractive, softer, graceful lines, complete with rounded corners, bright white covers with color trim options and a more unique profile, than the flat box look of a steel building. The interior appearance of an Clear Heights Construction LLC building is an intriguing mix of steel truss framework and a clean white cover underside. Overall it’s more attractive building inside and outside.

Steel buildings have a harsh appearance, with straight hard lines and unattractive exteriors. The interiors are very dark and dreary, plus to hot or too cold inside.

Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialist with the highest Quality and Service. Clear Heights Construction LLC, your Fabric Building Specialist will assist you from start to finish on your project, providing you with professional services and expert advise. We will engineer and design a building solution that meets your every need and to your satisfaction. Buildings built with the highest quality steel and fabric available today, incorporating the latest technology, with strength and durability.
Clear Heights Construction LLC can serve as general contractor on your project with our expert installation crew or just drop off the building and let you install the building yourself. So let Clear Heights Construction LLC work with you on your next Commercial project that incorporates all these great benefits.

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist Building will deliver all these great benefits and more.

  • Design for Strength and Flexibility
  • Strong Durable Building Components
  • Attractive Multiple Color Options
  • Multiple Door Options
  • Quick to Install or Relocate
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Resistant to Leaks
  • Greater Air Volume
  • Clear-span Construction 18 Ft to 160Ft Wide any Length
  • Multiple Foundation Option
  • Naturally Cooler Inside
  • Naturally Brighter Inside
  • Safer Work Environment
  • Quieter Atmosphere
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Engineered Site Specific to Meet Local Building Codes
  • Wind and Snow Rated for Your Location
See FAQ section for more.


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