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Calf Barns

Are you sick and tired of digging your calves out of the snow and mud? Then Build the Ideal Calf Barn, where the calf and operator are out of elements, where you can give each Calf the personal attention they need, to become a top producer of your herd.

Creating the ideal living environment for you and your calves is a high priority, because they are the future of your farming operation. The more comfortable your calves are, the healthier they will stay and grow. Unfortunately, these little ones require a lot of attention to get them off on the right foot, to become the next generation of top producers for your operation. Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric buildings are ideal for controlling and managing every aspect of your calf’s needs, which may affect your operation.
Clear Heights Construction LLC’s fabric buildings are design to minimize your concerns of the health of your future herd and the impact of future growth to your operation. You may not be able to control when it rains and snow or when the wind blows, but you will feel secure knowing that your calves are dry and out of the wind under your fabric building from Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist.

Increase your feed efficiency and growth of your calves, with a building that provides you with the most innovated designs by Clear Heights Construction LLC with controlled, natural environment for you and your calves.

Step inside an Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist building and discover why customers across the state have made it their calf barn of choice.

The A,B,C for Health Calves in a Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building

Attention to details              Good management                        Natural Environment
Bedding                                Kept dry and clean                       Fabric Cover
Cleanliness                 Sanitized feed and water utensils           Inside Environment
Dryness                      Plenty of space and bedding                   Clear-span open space
Environment               Adequate ventilation and shade             Ventilation options
Feeding System          Clean with plenty of space                     Flexible designs options
Growth                       Health, survival and growth rate            Healthy Versatile Building

Natural Environment

The naturally bright interior of an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building reduces shadows and creates a stress-free environment for your calves. The unique translucent properties of the fabric covers allow an abundance of natural light into the building, even on cloudy days. The fabric cover also decreases moisture and temperature fluctuations, moderating the interior temperature of a fabric building year-round to prevent stress on your calves. Evan on hot summer days your calves will find shade in a Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building reducing their chance of developing heat stress.

Clear-Span Interior

With the absence of columns or post, your calves are able to roam freely around the inside an Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric building. The clear-span design allows for maximum flexibility when designing your interior layout for feed lanes, calf stalls or pens, to optimize animal comfort and increase equipment maneuverability.

Superior Ventilation

Clear Heights Construction LLC buildings have a variety of ventilation options, depending on the size and needs of your Calf operation. The ventilation in an Clear Heights Construction LLC building is far superior to competing buildings due to the open, rafter-free upper space configuration and high ceilings. To prevent respiratory problems, warm air is pushed upwards and out of the building, leaving you and your calves with fresh air to breathe. Ventilation options, such as vents, ridge vents, eaves and livestock curtains, also help to provide continuous natural air movement.

Reduce Your Operating Cost

Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist buildings are the most economical solution for your calf operation. Not only do fabric building make you money, by helping increase calf growth, they also help you save money. Using the sun as your light source reduces the need for artificial lighting during day and reduces the amount of lighting you need at night. Clear Heights Construction LLC fabric buildings are also virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money, so that you can concentrate on looking after your little ones.


As a leader in design flexibility Clear Heights Construction LLC, fabric buildings can be used for multiple building applications. Whether you require a hoop barn for your operation or you are raising calf for someone else, Clear Heights Construction LLC your Fabric Building Specialist has a building solution for you, along with our professional service.

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